Celebrate With Equity Release

With Christmas approaching, families and friends will be looking forward to celebrating together for the first time in two years, sharing a special meal, spoiling each other – in particular the children – with hugs and presents.

Advance planning for such important occasions is advisable, especially in the run-up to Christmas when some items may be in short supply, whilst others could be on offer before the traditional last-minute rush, which tends to hike prices!

How many people will you host, will anyone be staying overnight, do you have sufficient space, and does it need refreshing, or furniture updated? There’s still time to ‘deep clean’, deploy a lick of paint, and replace a sofa or dining table and chairs.

Write a list of everyone expected, allocating presents for each person.

With cycling becoming more popular for both health and environmental reasons, equipment for children and adults could be a sensible option, rather than ‘throw away’ gifts. To keep costs down, second hand bikes may be appropriate for youngsters learning to ride and master road usage; make sure they weren’t stolen by purchasing from a reliable source, and always buy new helmets.

Next, decide on what food and refreshments are required for which meals, for how many days; where will it be stored? Do you need a new freezer?

Working from your list, research each item, then set yourself a budget.

The same is true of all special occasions. The pandemic forced celebrations to be delayed, whether engagement parties, weddings, key birthdays, christenings and anniversaries. As things ‘normalise’, it is time to revive plans and enjoy the social interaction we have all missed. Budgets may be tighter than expected but dress designers, caterers, florists and venues are proving flexible and welcoming as their businesses are restored.

Amid concerns about a rise in the cost of living, parents and grandparents will be keen to help fund all these celebrations to make them a great success, with everyone feeling happy and relaxed. For the over-55s, equity release could be the best solution; in particular, weddings can be expensive, as can honeymoons and anniversary treats. And this Christmas will be vital for reviving family relationships and friendships, so spending that bit more will be worth it.

So, give us a call at Premier Equity Release for advice on how you can maximise value for money – whatever the occasion.

28th October 2021
Focus Admin