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We can provide the Equity Release and Lifetime Mortgage plan you’re looking for.

Designed to unlock the money tied up in a home, Equity Release in Ipswich (also known as a Lifetime Mortgage) allows those aged 55 and over to access funds for their personal plans. Without selling your home, you could release up to 50% of your property’s value to improve your quality of life or pay for something on your wish list.

Offering honest advice and an ethical approach that puts people first, Premier Equity Release guide homeowners through the process of releasing equity, with zero jargon and no sales patter.

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How much equity could I access?

Simply enter a few details into our online calculator and you’ll get a rough estimate of the tax-free figure you can expect.

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Release up to 50% of your home’s value
Receive a tax-free lump sum or drawdown
Lifetime Mortgage and Home Reversion options
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What would you like to know?

What is Equity Release?

What is Equity Release?

Find the answer to all your Equity Release questions here.

What is Equity Release?
What can my equity be used for?

What can my equity be used for?

Find out what people usually release equity for.

Uses for Equity Release
How have Premier helped people?

How have Premier helped people?

Discover how we've helped people and what they have to say.

Customer Stories
What are the costs?

What are the costs?

Learn about the costs you can expect to pay when you release equity.

What should my family know?

What should my family know?

We're here to relieve any concerns you might have.

Any other questions?

Any other questions?

If you have any other queries, you'll find the answer here.


Watch Premier’s Tracey Lucas explain what an ethical approach to Equity Release means to her...

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What does Equity Release mean?

Equity Release is a financial plan that lets you access the value of your property while remaining in your home. If you are over 55 and own your home in Ipswich outright or only have a small portion of your mortgage to repay, you could unlock the equity in your property and turn it into cash. Paid as a tax-free lump sum or in instalments, this money can be put towards any practical cost or personal purchase of your choice.

Unlike a mortgage or loan, you won’t have to make repayments while you remain in the property. The money will be repaid to the lender once the property is sold, which is usually when the owner passes away or moves into care. For answers to any questions you might have, explore Equity Release explained.

How Can I Use My Equity?

Releasing equity lets you spend your money the way you want to. From home improvements and clearing debts, to starting a business or planning a dream trip, freeing up these funds could transform your life. Discover how people like you have benefitted from Equity Release in our customer stories.

Your plans for your money are highly personal, which is why our service is personalised too. Our experienced advisers are here to find the plan that’s right for you, providing open, impartial advice that you can rely on.

Why Premier Equity Release?

A member of the Equity Release Council, Premier Equity Release is an independent, ethical broker that is on your side. We understand that releasing equity can seem daunting, which is why we pride ourselves on providing simple, straightforward information that is easy to understand.

Starting with an initial phone call, we will get to know you better and outline how we can help. You can trust us to offer advice tailored to you – which includes letting you know if we think Equity Release isn’t right for you. This no-obligation, confidential chat takes place with one of our advisers, never an anonymous salesperson, so you can feel reassured that you are in safe hands.

See how we work to learn more about how the process of releasing equity with Premier Equity Release.

Request Our Equity Release Brochure

Request Our Equity Release Brochure

How much equity could I access?

How much equity could I access?

You’ve only got to meet Tracey for half an hour and she gets you as a person and understands what’s best for you – the Premier service is bespoke in the truest sense.

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